Olivia Evans

Multi-disciplinary Visual Artist + Producer: Drawing. Photography. Video.

Olivia Evans is a grant-awarded, multi-disciplinary visual artist based in Spokane, WA, working in video, photography, drawing, and film. In 2018, she graduated from Eastern Washington University with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art and a minor in film. Her work is heavily influenced by motherhood, the subconscious, family, nature, and social events -- intertwining traditional and digital media to create narratives of the self. All these influences echo her eclectic cultural experiences of growing up as a mixed race woman (Black, Native, Italian) in a small town with her Italian mother and mixed race sister, and life’s personal experiences and battles. Olivia is working with The Alliance for Media, Arts, & Culture as a local producer and social media manager. She co-produced the documentary film series Monday Movies at the Magic Lantern Theater, Native Arts & Film Events, and co-curates numerous events in the Pacific Northwest region. She actively participates within her art community in Spokane. Her work has been featured on KXLY, Artist Trust (online), and in several exhibitions, such as Saturate, a city-wide arts event in Spokane, the Kress Gallery, Terrain 12 (2019), the Carl Maxey Center, and the Gonzaga University Urban Arts Center, and two public works in Spokane.


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