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"Land Acknowledgement" showcased 17 local Indigenous artists. The show was curated by Charlene Teters, a member of the Spokane tribe and a former dean of the Institute of Native American Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Carolyn Lamberson of the Spokesman-Review authored a story about the show in the Nov. 4 edition of the paper. "Land acknowledgments have become almost perfunctory in recent years," Lamberson wrote. It is the practice of beginning a public event by referencing and honoring Native American tribes whose people used to live on the lands where the event is held, before the colonization by white occupiers.


"The art work (in this exhibition) may not provide comfort for those who occupy our land ... and our very presence often represents a political statement," Teters said. "But when we come together and share our art with the community, we are speaking as people from this land, and we are making visible our dreams and our struggles."

This exhibit was located at Gonzaga University's Urban Arts Center in downtown Spokane -- From November 4 - December 3rd, 2022.


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Land Acknowledgement, 2022

Gonzaga Urban Arts Center

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