GUUAC would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming group exhibit showcasing the works of local artists of African descent residing in Eastern Washington.


“Home: Imagining the Irrevocable,” will engage artists of various disciplines (visual, music, literary, etc.) in a creative and collaborative exploration around the concept of “home.” The exhibit theme draws inspiration from the James Baldwin quote, “Perhaps home is not a place, but simply an irrevocable condition (Giovanni’s Room,1956),” a similar show hosted by the Anat Egbi gallery in Los Angeles in 2019, and additional concepts presented in Toni Morrison’s works: “Home (2012),” and her 2006 exhibition/2018 documentary, “The Foreigner’s Home.” Through this theme, the exhibit seeks to examine how “home” has, and continues to be defined by Black Americans amidst the historical and contemporary challenges of displacement, marginalization and otherness.

Co-curators: Tracy Pointdexter-Canton and Olivia Evans

Artists in Exhibition: Olivia Evans, XX.


Spokesman Review, 2022

HOME: Imagining the Irrevocable, 2022

Gonzaga Urban Arts Center

Gonzaga Online Bulletin, 2022