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Mama Wolf Media LLC is a BIPOC & Woman-owned arts organization dedicated to uplifting BIPOC/ Underrepresented communities, and pursuing everything creative in respect to intentionality, story, culture, and trauma-informed values. As a Black/ Native/ Italian mixed woman, mother, artist, and storyteller, I find elements in my journey to tell my story in various mediums, such as beadwork, digital art, video, film, drawing, and photography.


Conversely, I find elements in my clients journeys’ to help guide them into the world of branding with storytelling as the main focus. As part of my art practice, I exhibit & sell visual artworks, help individuals & organizations create promotional materials, help with social media platforms/ websites, aid in event production, and provide artist talks/ adjunct teaching in academic arenas. Storytelling is not just a devise used to tell our past & present experiences, it is an intrinsic human instinct and influences our evolutionary process.


How can I help you tell your story?

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Oye, sunshine! My name is Olivia Evans, owner of Mama Wolf Media LLC.

I look forward to connecting!

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